How to turn a one-room apartment into a two-room apartment: the best ideas that really work
The studio assumes the absence of a partition between the kitchen and living room. This layout provides many solutions
Design of a three-room apartment p44t
Houses of the p44t type began to be actively erected in the late 90s. Such housing had an improved layout,
cost of replacing risers in an apartment building
Each apartment building has communication risers running through each apartment. There are water supply risers,
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Advantages and pitfalls of being a realtor
There is hardly a person who disagrees with the fact that buying and selling real estate
Law 271 Federal Law on capital repairs full text
Federal Law 399 on major repairs of apartment buildings: main provisions, content This regulatory legal act
electricity meter.jpg
Checking electric meters. Timing for verification of the electric meter. Frequency of verification of electric meters. Cost of checking electric meters. The verification period has expired
Land certificate
The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the possibility of obtaining a plot of land for construction for all large families.
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If you are a business person, but your plans do not include renting a separate office space,
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